Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How the Failed Department Of Education Kills jobs

Simple arguments against the DOE... this isn't a hard case to make either if we'd all do our part and read.

Has the Department of Education Failed?


How much does the Department of Education Cost?

The DOE costs American taxpayers about $25,000 per student PER year. The department of education was designed to improve test scores. It has not so... Case and point. the DOE failed. 

How Does the DOE kill jobs?

How does the government make money?

They cannot. The government ONLY makes money by stealing it from the taxpayer either through taxation or through inflation (printing money). Which leads one to the simple conclusion that if the government steals from group A to pay for group B, group C is never realized. (read forgotten man theory)

All  government spending, especially the ineffective spending, kills jobs. We as the citizens must weigh out and decide what government spending is essential and what government spending in a hinderance. The department of education is a hinderance.

Also, government involvement in Education, like all other areas the government gets involved in, has caused the costs of college to rise astronomically. Simply put, if the college is guaranteed money through government loans, they will, like any other business, push the prices of their tuition up.

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